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by Experience

The Experts by Experience Group offers a supportive community for individuals
in recovery, boosting confidence in social situations and adjusting to lifestyle
changes. Through group social activities, members find companionship and
encouragement in their journey toward personal growth and recovery.

Goals of This Programme

Develop New Skills

EBE provides our service users
with a unique opportunity to learn
new skills in new environments.

Supported Recovery

This programme aims to further support
and nurture your recovery journey.

Social Interaction

EBE is a social group for people
in recovery to help with confidence
in social circumstances & lifestyle changes.

EBE Coordinator

Angela Dunlop

Angela is a dedicated Dunlewey volunteer and Service User Liaison Coordinator and is now the driving force behind our Experts by Experience programme.

How Do I Become an Expert by Experience?

Participants can refer directly for EBE by clicking the button below.
EBE is also designed to further support recovery following on from
the completion of our ARCH Recovery Program.

Experts by Experience Events

Supporting Recovery

Our Experts by Experience group actively participates in a variety of social events, group projects, outings, and more. By immersing themselves in these collective social activities, members discover a sense of friendship and receive invaluable encouragement as they progress on their path towards recovery.