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Future ARCH

ARCH “Activity, Recovery, Coaching & Help” is a programme that effectively
combats social isolation by creating a welcoming and secure environment
during your recovery journey that not only reduces feelings of loneliness
but also significantly boosts opportunities for meaningful social interaction.

What This Service Provides


Reduced Social Isolation

The ARCH program aims to alleviate social isolation and boost social engagement within a secure and welcoming setting, achieved through group work, engaging activities, and counselling sessions.



ARCH strives to enhance the mental health and overall well-being of individuals dealing with addictions by offering tailored support to enrich their path towards recovery as well as improving family relationships.


Recovery Plan & Advice

Assist participants in establishing constructive daily routines, structure, and objectives in their lives. Empower individuals recovering from addiction to address the challenges they encounter in their daily lives and encourage a self-care approach to their recovery journey.

Introduction to
Future ARCH

Click the button below to get acquainted with Melanie,
Future ARCH Service Coordinator, and discover how this
service could potentially support you.

Recovery to Discovery

ARCH Service User Gallery

Discover the incredible talents of our service users, ranging from captivating paintings and drawings to powerful music and drama performances. Click the button below to explore our ARCH gallery.

Become an
Expert by Experience!

EBE is designed to further support recovery following on from
the completion of our Future ARCH Program. Participants can
refer directly for EBE by clicking the button below.

What Our Participants Are Saying

Throughout our Future ARCH program, we’ve have seen many remarkable changes in the health & wellbeing, attitude, and perspective of our service users on their journey to recovery.