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Young Persons & Families
Service (DA-FACTS)

DA-FACTs is a free counselling, mentoring,
information and support service for children,
young people aged 11 to 25 & families of those
affected by substance misuse.

Young Persons & Families
Service (DA-FACTS)

DA-FACTs (Drugs, Alcohol, Families, Adults, Children & Teens) is a free counselling,
mentoring, information and support service for children, young people aged
11 to 25 & families of those affected by substance misuse.

More About

Click the button below to get a quick introduction to the Young Persons & Families Service (DA-FACTS) from Stephanie McKernan (Coordinator) and Niamh Campbell (Counsellor)

What This
Service Provides



Individual counselling creates a secure and private environment, where you’ll have the chance to explore your thoughts and concerns about yourself that you might not have felt comfortable discussing with loved ones.



We offer a secure setting where you can openly discuss and delve into concerns, support, and increase awareness about substance use and other matters with an informed guide.


Family Support

Empower families, promote positive and supportive roles, and offer practical insights into the availability, misuse, and reasons behind substance use.


Group Support

Examining behaviours, self-esteem, substance use, drugs and alcohol, and offering motivational peer support.


Harm Reduction & Awareness

Our efforts centre on raising our service users awareness about addiction and the adverse effects of substance use, all aimed at minimising potential harm.

Get in Touch

If you believe our DA-FACTS Service could be of help to you, please click the button below and let us know your interested.

What Areas Do
We Cover?

Our Young Persons & Families Service presently covers the Southern Trust Area including: Armagh, Banbridge, Portadown, Craigavon, Dungannon & Newry. We are continually extending our services to reach out to individuals in more rural areas. 

Meet The Team

Meet our expert team of counsellors that deliver and manage our amazing Young Persons & Families Service.

All inquiries in regard to referral for this service should be sent directly to
Stephanie McKernan (Coordinator) or to our head office via the contact page.


Our team has been diligently working to share valuable information about addiction, recovery, substance use, and related topics at community events across the country. They employ educational and interactive tools like their renowned DA-FACTS mocktail bar and informational booth.