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Dunlewey Addiction Services

General Resources

Find below a collection of free digital resources on various topics including:

mental health, addiction, alcohol, substance use and much more.

Talking to your child
about vaping

This leaflet is aimed at parents who want to to talk about vaping with their child. It highlights the risks associated with vaping, lists possible signs a young person may be using vapes and provides tips on how to approach the subject with your child.

Coping With Cravings

Managing cravings can be difficult to navigate on the road to recovery. This free resource gives you the tools and coping strategies to help combat cravings when they arise.

Talking Really Helps

Talking really helps’ suicide prevention campaign.

This campaign encourages openness and talking in relation to feelings of anxiety, distress or crisis. The campaign aims to increase help seeking behaviours.

Call Lifeline on 0808 808 8000 for support.

Blueprint for Bank Card Gambling Blockers

Digital gambling blockers are a great tool to help with overcoming problem gambling. Blockers work by restricting your access to spending money on selected gambling-related activities. This resource dives deep into what blockers are, why they are effective and how to use them.

Gambling Fact Sheets

Within this free resource, you will find vital information on various topics related to problem gambling. You’ll learn how to find help, how to recognise the signs of problem gambling, how to cope with a family member or friend dealing with problem gambling, how to reduce your risk of gambling and more responsible methods of gambling.

COMKIT.INFO is a website offering free information and support by developing an empathic communication toolkit to support families, communities, agencies and representatives in what to do and say at a time of heightened suicide concern.

Comkit is supported by PHA, developed with Urban Scale Interventions in partnership with Families’ Voices Forum and other stakeholders.

Self Help Leaflets

This collection of digital booklets offers important information on topics such as: mental health, abuse, alcohol, eating disorders, stress and much more. The leaflets in this collection provide useful tips and information on how to help yourself when dealing with different situations. This resource also features a dictated audio option to have the information read to you.

Alcohol and You

Think alcohol may be affecting you negatively?

This useful resource will help you examine your current alcohol use and help steer you in the right direction with helpful tips, advice and facts on the topic.


Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Looking to better understand anxiety, how it feels and how to deal with it?

This digital booklet contains important information on anxiety that will give you the tips and advice to better deal with the disorder and everything that can come along with it such as panic attacks as well as how to help others in a similar situation.


Cannabis and You

This digital booklet contains important information to help you examine your cannabis use and provides various self-help exercises to allow you gain more control over your use.

Thought Record Sheet

Feel like your routine thoughts and emotions may be holding you back?

Download and print this amazing “thought record form” to help keep track of what thoughts you are thinking on a regular basis and decide whether these thoughts are benefiting you or holding you back.  Keeping a record of your day to day thoughts and feelings provides you with an opportunity to make beneficial changes in your life.


Families and Addiction

This resource offers useful information, facts and advice on addiction within a family environment. Topics include: understanding addiction, the impact of addiction on the family, what can help and sources of help and support.

Social Work Tools & Resources

This free website offers important information and tips on a large range of topics including: Anxiety, anger, relationships, skill building, parenting tools and much more.