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What is ARCH?

The ARCH programme will reduce social isolation and enhance levels of social interaction in a comfortable and safe environmentSupport people to be in a better position to deal with issues across all aspects of their lives that have resulted from their addictionImprove mental health and well-being of people with addictionsProvide individualised support to enhance the recovery journey for participants

Support participants to build positive routines, structure and goals into their daily lives. ​ Empower people with addictions in the recovery process to deal with issues in their everyday lives and promote a self-care approach to recovery. Improve relationships between people with addictions and their families. This will be delivered over an 8-week period with two sessions every week. There will be approx 8-10 people and each session will be between 2-3 hours.






Relapse Prevention

Navigating Recovery


Stress Management


Building Self-Esteem / Confidence

Resiliency Addictions



Motivational Stories Of...



Employment & Volunteering



Walking Group


Reiki / Reflexology

Physical Health

Testimonials From People Who Have Benefited From New ARCH

New ARCH Testimonial From John

My name is John and I currently take part in the ARCH programme headed by Michael Bailey. We are currently on our seventh week, and heading our final sessions next Monday at 2 pm and Wednesday at 2 pm will, unfortunately, be our last session. I can not illiterate enough how much this programme has helped me, Since joining the programme I have found fantastic support from Michael and the whole group, we have all connected so much in such a short period of time, we have been able to support each other and take away so many tools from the group as well as supporting each other and not being made to feel judged.

Last week we spoke to Pauline and all voiced how these sessions are a benefit to us all and for my first ever group session I have taken part in it has been a real eye-opener and I wouldn’t be sat where I am at this current moment thanks to the dedication Michael puts into the groups and the advice you receive in these settings, friendships are made during them which is a huge positive as we are not only there to learn we put into the groups what we want to take from them and that is helping others on their journey also.

My worry would be that during lockdown we are all isolated away from friends and family and can lead to relapses in all types of recovery more so early recovery. What I am asking today is that the administrators can please bear this in mind and during lockdown please look at extending these current zoom session’s.

Ideally, the ARCH programme was meant to be face to face with a lot of aspects involved to help further the participants, all I ask that it please be considered.

I myself am 2 months clean only due to the great support provided by this amazing service, Michael and the group I participate in.

This wouldn’t have been possible and my fear would be that if sessions do end so quickly it could lead to a decline in mental health which may lead to relapse. I want to take positive steps to move forward I myself don’t feel ready yet which causes great anxiety to leave the front as currently, it is a lifeline. I can’t thank you all at Dunlewy and the ARCH programme for the great work everyone evolved does as it is truly life-changing and I hope when I reach my step in life I can follow in the same steps as Michael and help others like myself.

Again I thank you for taking the time to read this email.

It has genuinely been an amazing experience talking and sharing with this amazing bunch of individuals. A bond has been forged in a short space of time that grows stronger with each meeting. There is an overwhelming sense of camaraderie, support and sister/brotherhood.

New ARCH Testimonial From Laura

I just wanted to give you some feedback in regards to the ARCH Programme which I started a couple of weeks ago.

First of all, I would thank Michael because he has been truly inspirational. He is open, honest, caring and a joy to work with on this programme. I was extremely apprehensive but Michael put me at ease prior to the programme commencing through his telephone consultation. I find him easy to talk to and he is very supportive.

This group has given me the opportunity to meet a range of people from all walks of life. Different experiences yes but the one main denominator being addiction. I have learned so much from everyone in the group especially Michael and yes once again I will say how inspirational he has been to me. The meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays have helped me structure my week and I now find myself looking forward to the sessions.

Not only is Michael supportive during the sessions but also before and after. The communication via email and telephone I find extremely helpful and it also helps keep me focused.

In all honesty, at the minute I would be completely lost without this group, and this service that Michael and Dunlewey provide is vital to those coping and dealing with addiction, especially because services are limited because of COVID.

I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of this programme and long may it continue. Once again I would just like to thank Michael for his ongoing support and for being the inspiration he is. Keep up the good work.

I just wanted to add something else which came to mind. I am a very creative person, involved in drama, performing and writing. Unfortunately due to my addiction, I have had writer’s block for a number of months. Following on from one of the ARCH meetings I found myself writing a poem from the discussions we had during the meeting. This again highlights how important these sessions are because I felt inspired to write again which is something I truly love.

Can I just say thank you, that was outstanding today? This group really motivates me and helps me tremendously in my recovery. I’m actually dreading when the sessions are up, but as Bella says, “we are not at this bridge yet.” Hope you have a great day and see you Thursday, 11 am sharp. With a huge amount of gratitude.

I personally find these courses very informative and useful, they have been a huge help. I’m really looking forward to the Creative writing course in particular.

Also, can I just say how integral the ARCH programme had been for me and my recovery? I know it’s still early days but I wouldn’t be sitting here clean today without our twice-weekly sessions. I really value the connections that have been made with other group members and the direction from yourself.  I know next week is the 8th week and I do worry about not having the course to help me going forward. Would it be possible to request the course via Zoom be extended to 12 weeks? Even once a week for once 12 weeks? To wean us all off the programme. It’s such a shame it’s coming to an end when it’s going so well. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you.

I truly believe that this project has saved my life, completely turned it around by providing an alternative recovery platform. I will always be eternally grateful for the ARCH programme and am happy and more than willing to volunteer and assist in any way possible to move this forward to other people who need it. Just always know my services are available to assist in whatever way you deem necessary. (Maybe when my life skills are a little more developed) The difference this programme has made to my life is phenomenal. With deepest respect and admiration,

the new Arch team

Melanie Poland